Lombok Pink Beach is Very Beautiful 12-08-2018

Pink Beach, or known by the local community as Tangsi Beach, is the beach of the pride of the people of Lombok, whose echo has become global. Its popularity continues to rise along with chain news and various media reviews. Maybe travelers have ever peeked at the beauty of beaches in Thailand or Vietnam, but if you haven’t had time to visit Pink Beach, why should you immediately arrange a vacation list to Lombok.

The most prominent uniqueness that is owned is of course the color of Pink Beach Lombok sand. Especially if it wasn’t for the pink color, aka pink. Very unique right? Sand conditions like those in Lombok are one of about 7 beaches in the world that have similar colors. That’s why romanticism is awakened when you set foot on this beach. The question is, why is the sand pink?

There is a scientific explanation that can answer this question. The pink tint of Pink Beach sand occurs due to the presence of various kinds of microorganisms that attach to and grow on coral fragments. This phenomenon is more clearly seen during Muslim dry season, which is between May – October because with the help of sunlight reflection, the sparkling color of pink sand is more clearly visible.

The mixing of microorganisms, coral debris, and other compounds that blend with the sand of the beach makes the pink color appear and gives the impression of being so deep. If coincidence travelers come in the afternoon and take pictures from a height, the color of Pink Beach Lombok sand looks brighter. The arrival of waves carrying fine sands also attracts local and foreign tourists.

Source : pegipegi.com

Image : indoturis.com